Yuki Kianna Studio

Handmade with Love
About The Artist

Welcome to my website!

I'm Yuki, a Canadian ceramic artist creating from my little studio on the Northern Shore of Kootenay Lake. Being fond of soft colours and whimsical elements my pieces are one of a kind, made slowly by hand and heart, and often inspired by my natural surroundings. Here are functional ceramics that I hope you will love and use in your own homes around the world.

~Upcoming Restock~

My next website restock will be Thursday, July 8th at 6pm PST.

After this restock I will be balancing production and taking care of my baby. I'm hoping to get enough work made for a big restock in September! Be sure to join my email list at the bottom of this page and follow me on Instagram where I may announce little flash sales!

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