Remember those old internet quizzes that told you which kind of fairy you are based on your pizza topping preferences? These custom tumblers are  inspired by those gems of the past. 
This preorder is for a custom tumbler based on you!
I will create your tumbler based on your answers to the following questions. 

A. What is the element that you connect most with? (air, earth, fire, or water.)

B. What is your favourite season? (Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring.)

C. What type of weather would you be most excited to see when you wake up tomorrow morning? 

D. What is your current mood? 

After checking out, email me your question answers so I can create your custom tumbler! 

Each piece will be handmade with love and your answers in my mind. 
Please allow up to three weeks for creation. 

Size: 20oz

Which Tumbler Are You? (Preorder.)


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